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Ways to get more leads from craigslist

    Here are 3 ways to get more leads from Craigslist.  These are some important factors to generate more traffic.

    Your competitors are competing as merely salesmen, or stylists, or agents.  I am here to show you how to compete as a MARKETER!  Once you learn what works in marketing, you will be able to generate more leads than your competitors because you are set apart in a professional manner.

    1.  You need a professional cl banner image

    Have you ever heard the phrase “the first impression is the last impression”… or “first impressions are lasting impressions”, or “you never get a second chance to make the first impression”, this is why you must make sure that your initial ad is appealing, clean, and eyecatching.

    You can get a nice cl banner from Fiverr for pretty cheap here!  Just visit the site, type in craigslist and you will see different people offering services to design professional craigslist ads.

    Make sure you look at the reviews and they are rated over 4 stars

    get more leads

    2.  You need an optimized web page to capture leads

    These optimized web pages are typically called squeeze pages, the idea is that you’re “squeezing’ an email out of your visitor in exchange for something in return.  This is how you begin the tracking process of your campaign.

    All of your lead generation efforts must start with your website, not a phone number. 50% of people who are online searching are already in the online mode.  Meaning they are more willing to complete a form than to call someone.    Statistics prove that 85% of visitors don’t take action on the first time they visit your website so you must capture the lead so that you can in turn follow up with them on a consistent basis so they can get to know, like, and trust you and this will eventually lead to action.  It’s no good generating traffic to your site if those visitors then decide to leave without taking action.

    Your website needs to persuade individuals to sign up for something or sign in to get to the next page. When it comes to lead generation, typically your goal is to capture a prospect’s contact information, such as their name, email, and phone number, so that you can contact them (not them contact you).  You want to use your website as leverage so that you can get the ball in your court.  Do you want to leave it to someone else to call you when they are ready?  What if the talk to 100 other people and forget about you?  This is the advantage of having them complete your form.  You can follow up with them and stay consistent with them in order to get the sale.

    How to separate yourself from the competition.

    While everyone else has websites with tabs all across the top, you are going to create a squeeze page to generate your leads.  It will look something like this

    get more leads

    How do you do this? Well, as easy as it is to set up a website in this day and age, that doesn’t automatically guarantee that your website will be optimized to collect leads.

    Not an expert?

    No worries. There are several tools, such as Systeme which is an all-inclusive marketing platform that allows you to design high-performing webpages as easy as pie.  Systeme enables you to quickly create and publish web pages based on a proven formula of success. Their extensive marketplace and library of page templates help even the biggest novice convert more leads.

    3. An autoresponder email sequence

    The third thing you need to an autoresponder tool so you can create follow up emails that automatically go out to your potential clients.  This is how you automate your business.  With the appropriate automation tools, you can run your business, schedule your appointments, and do multiple things at once.

    You don’t need to have any design, development, or marketing experience to get great results.

    To claim your FREE TRIAL, click here to sign up for Systeme

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