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3 ways to make money online

    Hey guys is Rae Vonshae the marketing Queen and today I want to talk about three ways to make money online.

    The first way to make money online is you can start an affiliate marketing agency.

    What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is when you get affiliated with other companies that will pay you to advertise for their products or services.  Such as Amazon… if you go to Amazon’s website and you scroll all the way to the bottom you will see that they have an affiliate program.  All you have to do to be approved for their program is to have an established website and you can go online and apply and then you have access to promote anything on Amazon’s website.

    Now the pros of this is one… Amazon pays between 1 percent and 10 percent commissions and two they’re known all over the world and people already know like and trust Amazon so it’s not hard at all to make a sale through Amazon because they’re already known all over the globe.

    Another thing is Amazon pays Commission’s off of every single thing that a person buys through your link in their 24 hour time frame.  So for instance, if you send the person your link and you’re promoting dishwashing liquid for instance, they may click on your link… if they don’t buy the dishwashing liquid but they end up buying hair products or buying furniture or buying your tires or anything else on the website, you still get commissions for that as long as it’s a 24 hour time frame within the time they click the link that’s the pros of Amazon.

    The con of Amazon is it only pays between one and ten percent Commission’s.  Now those fees do add up, but there are other programs out there that pay bigger Commission’s than Amazon.  But to create multiple streams of income you want Amazon as one of your sources of income because it’s already proven and it works.

    The second way you can make money online is to start your own social media marketing agency.  You can start your agency and you can advertise to business owners that need marketing services, web design services, graphic design services, any type of marketing online… you can position yourself to find small businesses and if they need a website you can build a website for.

    You don’t have to know how to build a website to make money building websites.  We have software that has already pre-made templates available for you and all you have to do when you sign up with our software is to find the pre-made templates that cater to your audience.  Let’s say you’re targeting salons, then you’ll find a template that caters to salons and you’ll advertise to salons.  “Hey I can build a website for you” and when someone signs up with you they may pay you three hundred five or hundred dollars to do it, but all you have to do is show them the template and see if they like it if they like it.

    The next thing you have to do is edit the site just go in change the name that’s already there to their salon name change everything in there and then make the picture suit them.  Have them send you in pictures… have them send you in the text that they want you to put and you go in and design their website for them.  But the website is already designed, all you’re doing is using the template.  That’s how you make money online with your social media agency.

    So first thing first you have to get established with the software and learn the software in and out.  You have to learn what you have in your back office so that you can promote and tell business hey this is what I can do for you hey this is how I can help you.  Brand your business and did everything that we have in the back you can take these tools and use it and go ahead and get your business someone and have them pay you directly.  The pros of having a social media marketing agency is you control everything you control finding your clients, you control creating the website form and you get paid directly because you can send them a PayPal invoice and they’ll pay you directly for your services because now you’re providing a service.  The cons for having a social media marketing agency is now your trading time four dollars, so basically you have to fulfill the orders.  You have to go in and actually build the website and you have to make sure that their website is up to par so now your trading time for dollars and it’s kind of like you have a job, but if you want to work for yourself this is a great way to position yourself and make money on the side.

    The third way to make money online is to do referrals.  Referrals of software particularly because you can actually refer software to business owners and allow them to build their own website with the software.  Now you’re not trading time for dollars but you’re allowing them to be able to go in and use the software and pay a monthly fee and you earn a commission every single month for them using the software that they need to grow their business.  So now you can offer as a business professional you can offer do-it-yourself services or done-for-you services.

    Your do-it-yourself would be them just get the software from you and going in and plugging everything themselves because they may be tech savvy and they may not need any help but the done-for-you services is where you come in and you build the sites form and you charge them an extra fee because you’re putting in your time.

    So those are different ways that you can make money on the internet with our software program now you can click on the link below and get started right now once you get inside the software you’ll be able to see everything that we have to offer we have web builders we have landing page creators we have autoresponder forms we have all types of things in the back office and you’ll be able to browse around and see what you have access to in the platform.


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