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Facebook Reels Monetization – 4 steps to get invited

    Are you searching for Facebook Reels Monetization?

    Hi guys it’s Rae Vonshae and today we’re going to discuss Facebook reels monetization which is the same is meta reels monetization.  What are the requirements and how to get an invite to the bonus program so that you can start getting paid with FacebookReels.

    On february 22nd 2022, Mark Zuckerberg made a statement on his Facebook page. It says reels is already our fastest growing content format by far and today we’re making it available to everyone on Facebook globally. We want reals to be the best place for creators to connect with their community and make a living so we’re launching new monetization tools.

    So what does that mean? It means that everybody globally has access to Facebook Reels now.

    You want to start putting yourself in position to get monetized and get paid from Facebook Reels Bonus program so there are a few things that you need to do.

    They have requirements that you need to meet in order to even get the invite.

    So it says here… reels play on Facebook will pay a bonus to eligible Facebook creators whose reels get at least 1,000 views over a 30-day period on Facebook.

    Reels from creators is the invite only program must meet our content monetization policies and the content must be owned by the creator in order to count towards the bonus the reels play on Facebook bonus program is currently invite only. Creators who are invited will be notified in this Facebook app and in the creator studio and can sign up to learn more here.


    The steps that you want to do in order to increase your chances of getting your invite sooner is this…


    Step one you want to create a Facebook business page.

    Can you do it from your personal page? Yes you can but it’s better to create a Facebook business page

    for long-term purposes, either way, it’s fine to do it how you want to do it. But that’s step one creating your Facebook business page is what I recommend.

    Step two you want to start inviting your friends to like your business page. If you get your business page all set up, invite all your friends over there. They have a button that you can click to invite your friends to your business page and then you can start building it up with your followers.

    Step three start posting reels. Create your reels the same way you would create a tick tok video or you will create an Instagram reel. You create it the same exact way. If you don’t know how to create reels at all, I’ll have a new video that I’ll post that teaches you how to create reels. But if

    you know how to create reels, start creating your reels and start sharing them so you can start getting views to your reels.

    Facebook Reels Monetization Requirements 2022

    You want to at least get a thousand views on each reel if you can as long as you get 1,000 views within a 30-day time frame you should be putting yourself in a position to get an invite it’s not guaranteed guys it’s invite-only we don’t know how they’re inviting but it says right here if your reels are getting 1000 views in a 30-day time frame you should be getting an invite so start making your reels and sharing them and trying to get the views on your reels make sure you’re posting original unique content guys.

    You can’t just take a video from Tiktok and upload it to your page and think they’re gonna monetize you for that particular video if it’s not your content, and if you’re taking videos from other platforms

    Facebook reels monetization eligibility countries

    As of now, Facebook reels monetization is only in the United States.  They are planning to expand to other countries soon.

    Facebook reels monetization countries list 2022. As of now, there is no list.



    4 Steps To Get Your INVITE Here is the link to apply for the Facebook Reels Monetization.

    Facebook Reels Monetization

    Download an app so that you can remove the watermark.

    You can download snaptic you can, or download tick tock downloader to stay in compliance with facebook reels monetization… something

    to remove the watermark off of those videos from other platforms so that you won’t get demonetized on Facebook. You don’t want to use anybody else’s content because some people are actually using other people’s content they’re getting a lot of views and they see that they’re gonna make some money and then at the end Facebook is gonna audit everything and then once they see that that is somebody else’s content they’re going to give you a violation. So don’t use other people’s content.

    Just go and grow your own channel the right way use your own content and everything you have grow your brand use this time to monetize the content and put your own brand out there. But whatever you do remove those watermarks if you’re taking it from other platforms. You can use your own content across any platform but you don’t want to use the watermarks with the content.

    So make sure you’re doing everything the right way because once you get into the program you want to stay in the program. You don’t want to get booted out of the program because you’re putting up stuff that don’t belong to you and you’re using other people’s music or copyright claims and all this other stuff. Just do what the guidelines tell you to do and everything will be perfectly fine


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