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The Best Studio Setup Ideas

    The Best Studio Setup Ideas

    I’m going to show content creators the best studio setup ideas.  You will learn how you can set up your studio on a budget for the low low.  I’m gonna show you how I set up. Now let’s keep in mind I’ve been doing marketing for quite some time so I’ve invested in some of my equipment and some of my things, but I’m going to show you how you can do it for the low and still get a nice good quality while you’re recording and how you can just invest a minimum amount and build your money up so that you can grow your brand.

    When I got started I was able to use lamps from Walmart, all I needed was a tripod and my cell phone. As long as your camera is pretty up-to-date and you got a Walmart lamp and a tripod you can work wonders.

    A lot of people don’t tell you that, they tell you you got to invest in all of this stuff. In my stationery office setup, I have my basic desk, my  laptop, my office chair, a printer, and a table lamp. Nothing fancy and then I have my camera and behind my camera is an umbrella light that faces me when I’m recording and that’s basically all I use when I’m recording.

    As long as you have your lighting! That’s the main thing.  When it comes to recording the mobile setup I can roll around from room to room. If I want to work from my couch I can and I have my tripod, my books, my laptop, and my microphones. Microphones are very important when it comes down to recording and then all you see is my lighting, again lighting is very important.

    So basically this is all I have with my mobile setup for studio setup ideas. When you set your lighting up you make sure that one left lamp is behind you like at a corner at an angle, and then you make sure that one light is directly in front of you right behind your camera so that you can get that light on to you. Once you get that light facing you, you can actually find your light and then you move your camera around until you find that perfect lighting that suits you and then you adjust your camera up and down.

    When you’re using your cell phone and you want to make a YouTube video turn your phone sideways. Turn your phone horizontally because you want it to look like a TV screen. The way it fits in a TV screen, that’s the way you want to look when you’re doing your YouTube videos. If you’re doing TikToks, shorts, or any type of reels, you want to turn your phone straight up and down, so hold it vertical.

    So these are two different ways that you hold your phone when you’re shooting, and you gotta know which way you’re gonna shoot and what you’re shooting for before you start shooting. So you want to decide before you even get started.

    You want to decide what am I doing today? Am I doing a Facebook live? Am I doing a Facebook reel or TikTok? Should I do Instagram reels? Will I doing a YouTube video? Then you decide how you hold your phone.

    So once you decide how you’re gonna hold your phone that’s when you record. Okay TikTok straight up and down, vertical two sideways horizontal because you want to be able to have When you start getting in front of your camera, you want to be able for people to watch it on their TV. You don’t want all that black space on the side of your videos like that, so you want to make sure that you’re doing it the right way.

    Now if you got a good enough camera you can turn your phone to where its selfie mode and you can look at yourself in the camera so you can see how you look. If your camera is not as good of a quality, it’s not as new or it’s not as updated and you don’t know your pixels, get your camera to where you want it to sit like this and then turn around to where you’re using your back camera. So anytime you use your back
    camera you may not have a lot of megapixels.

    You may not know what your megapixels are, so go ahead and do it in selfie mode to find your lighting and find out how you want it to look, then turn your camera around to where you are facing the back. So you won’t be able to see yourself at this point, but you’re gonna get better quality from your camera because it’s turned around. So now all you have to do is flip your camera around because you already got your
    angle, you already know where you’re gonna sit, you already know that flip that camera around and then just start talking from that point and then you just gonna have to take over when you get finished.

    Start out using your selfie mode because at least you’re getting a chance to be in front of the camera. Get accustomed to it and then when you want to upgrade your quality you’re gonna either go for your back camera.

    You can put a mirror behind you. Like say for instance if you’re just doing your back camera, you can’t see so you can’t see yourself in like selfie. Like with selfies you can see yourself, when you turn it around you ain’t gonna be able to see yourself. So you’re gonna have to go back here and check, make sure everything all right, then you push that button to get back in front of it.

    You can edit that part out, but then when you’re doing that you could have a mirror that’s standing up behind your lighting.  So have that mirror stand up behind your tripod so that you can actually see yourself at least because you can’t see yourself through the camera because the camera is facing the other way. So it’s all different ways you can do it, or you can just invest in the camera at this point to where the camera flips around.

    I got a Canon M50 so mine flips around and it shows me. I can still see myself even while I’m filming so either way, it’s fine. but guess what just get started The tripod is the most important thing you can have. A small tripod where you sit on your desk, on your tabletop, you don’t even have to have a desk you can have a dog on the table that you eat on. Use your table, whatever you got, use your desk, your table, whatever you got.

    See your tripod there, we’re back get in front of the lights and record your videos. The link to all of my studio equipment will be in the description and I will also pin it in the first comment for you guys. If you like this video make sure to click subscribe, share, and comment below “Rae Nation” so that I can know you stayed to the end.


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