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ALL NEW 5 DAY Content Creation Challenge!

Monday 10-31-22 until Friday 11-4-22

The Goal is to create as much content as you can to set yourself up for success in 2023.  It’s time to PRODUCE!


This is NOT a TRAINING... This is a CHALLENGE

Join the 5 DAY Content Creation Challenge!

How does it work?  This is an EMAIL CHALLENGE!  With this 5 Day Challenge, You will receive an EMAIL daily for 5 Days in a row challenging you to produce content on different platforms.  The platforms will be…  Either Youtube, Facebook, Or Instagram… It’s A SURPRISE!  

At the end of each day, you will complete a questionnaire and send me proof to show that you’ve completed your daily task. 

By the end of the 5th day – you will have produced MORE content than EVER BEFORE!  

Your Accountability Coach

Rae Vonshae

Are you up for the challenge?

First 10 participants Only $20.00 REGISTRATION fee